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The Closing Process

Buying a home is one of the most exciting times in life—especially if it’s your first home. But before you begin looking at paint samples and picking out curtains, there are a few details that need stitching up. It isn’t as simple as writing a check, but with a little patience, you’ll be renting a moving van in no time!

Step 1: Starting the Process

Once you’ve found the house of your dreams and made an offer that’s been accepted, it’s time to begin the closing process.

Step 2: The Title Search and Examination

At this point, a search for and examination of any documents pertaining to the title of the property is conducted. This is to ensure there aren’t any complications with the property that can negatively impact the buyer.

Step 3: Document Preparation

At this stage, we receive and review lender and other interested party instructions, review legal and loan documents, prepare closing statement, and request final approvals prior to proceeding with closing.

Step 4: Conduct Closing

The closing agent conducts the closing with interested parties. All documentation is gone over and signed, the money due from the buyer is placed into an escrow account and distributed accordingly, and the documents are recorded in the county where the property is located.

Step 5: Finalize the Process

The closing agent receives recorded documents from the county, prepares title insurance policies for the buyer and lender, and then transmits to the underwriter for consideration.


When all the paperwork is complete, it’s time to plan the housewarming party! Bring on the balloons and party hats!